The Holly Trust has an active branch in Solihull, supporting and promoting The Holly Trust with events and participating in the main group committee. If you live in the Solihull area and its surrounds you might wish to contact the Solihull branch directly at [email protected]

Solihull Hospital is growing with more cancer work.

6 new theatres are expected to be finished by July 2024. The Solihull Hospital Trust have purchased 2 new robots which will be moved to Solihull for robotic bowel cancer procedures.

Solihull has now become the main elective theatre surgery hub for bowel cancer in the West Midlands region.

A “Colorectal bowel cancer nurse” is a nursing specialist in bowel cancer care. Solihull has a team of specialist nurses who are there to support patients after their operations.

There are no events in the near future.

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